Katy Connor





Zero Landscape explores the interplay of vast and microscopic, through a series of 2D and 3D print works that reflect on the mediation of global and interior landscapes. Zero Landscape places sculptural objects in dialogue with large-scale prints that consider the body's spatial positioning by both medical and geo-locational technologies.

The works presented here are all derived from the same digital source: a digital scan of the artist's blood made with an Atomic Force Microscope. At a scale below the threshold of human sight, her body's physical substance, her bio matter recombines with machinic code and ripples out in waves of data visualisation. The objects are residual forms; translated, enlarged, fragmented, elongated. As material evidence, they are bio-matter entwined with nylon. Through processes of print, new landscapes are created - Zero Landscapes at the threshold of body and machine.

Select works have been exhibited at Spike Island Test Space and The Control Room, Bristol and The Phoenix, Exeter UK.

They are included in the 3D Additivist Cookbook, Launched in New York, December 2016 and Transmediale Berlin, February 2017