Katy Connor



PURE FLOW [mobile edition] A collaboration with Duncan Rowland


PURE FLOW is currently at TRANSMEDIALE 2013

A miniature, hand held application for a mobile and global audience; PURE FLOW [mobile edition] reveals the noise generated between GPS data systems and multiple satellites, 3G networks and Wifi hotspots as a tangible presence in the environment.

The APP visualises the instability and fragility of Live signals, passing through cloud cover and urban architecture; absorbed by bodies, reflecting off concrete and refracting through glass. The user can directly manipulate the outcomes, by touching the visual and sonic patterns triggered by fluctuations in the data. Once activated, PURE FLOW reveals these signals as a sliver of fluctuating white noise, responding directly to the movement and immediate environment of the device.

PURE FLOW subverts the use-value of GPS as a surveying and navigational tool; revealing these invisible data streams and highlighting their increasing ubiquity, as sophisticated military technologies become key components in daily life. As a white noise generator, PURE FLOW reinstates negative space in the cultural icon of the iPhone.

PURE FLOW [mobile edition] is on iTunes and Android

- Interview with Katy Connor, broadcast on BBC Click
- Impakt Online Exhibition: The Right to Know (and Copy)

- 'From Solid Light to Satellite' at LUX Biennial
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e-Permanent (2012)