Katy Connor






A series of works that engage with Atomic Force Microscopy [AFM]; translating the artist's blood into digital print and sculptural materials.

Made whilst Artist in Residence at iDAT, Plymouth University.

Untitled_Force 4.17x10^-5
Laser engraved porcelain tiles
Dimensions 120 x 120 cm

(at a maginifaction of 24,000 : 1)

Exhibited at Spike Island Test Space, Bristol and Plymouth Arts Centre (2011).

This sculptural floor piece references techniques of geo-mapping and the reflective screens of portable digital devices, as contour lines are inscribed using industrial processes. The image is an Atomic Force Microscopy scan, taken of human blood at the nano-scale - yet the work echoes satellite images of the earth.





On first glance, the terrain resembles a satellite transmission from deep space. The image flickers between representation and digital surface; its media inseparable from its subject, rendering it hard to decipher.

The digital print shows an AFM scan of my blood at a magnification of 24,000 x made visible by a probe measuring the Van de Waals force between molecules. The image is not lens-based but a visualisation composed of numerical data.